Colour Theory # 2: How to Style a Shelf

There is SO much I could say about every one of these shelving arrangements. But I won't. Because if you are like me, you learn best by LOOKING and recreating.

I haven't mastered shelf-styling yet (have you?? or are you not too bothered with it??), but I DO always notice when someone has an amazing setup. It CAN really lift the room.  Breaking down my favourite visual examples is my way of learning. I hope it helped you too!

Image sources:
1. Everything Fabulous via Pinterest (I think it's originally from Made by Girl)
2. The Glitter Guide
3.  Blushing & Sweet via Pinterest
4. Amber Interiors via Pinterest
5.The Glitter Guide


  1. Amy I love your blog! I'm pretty obsessed with shelf styling and I love all the ones you chose. Great comments on each and great post :)

  2. Very nice blog! Thanks for your comment on mine! :)

    I do enjoy a good shelf styling. I think that the key is to decide if you want to go rather spare or full-on library mode. Either way, commitment is key.

  3. I love all of these - so pretty! But I do love the contrast of black and white in the first. You have such a lovely blog! Thank you so much for your comment! xx

  4. Thank you for sharing these great ideas! A little shelf styling goes along way to adding some personality and pizazz to an area that can easily get neglected. Thanks for dropping by my page. I love the title of your blog and the content is great too. Adding you to my reader :)

  5. I was just thinking of how badly I want a pretty styled shelf somewhere in our new home :) What a fabulous post for the exact inspiration I needed! xo

  6. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! LOVE yours!! I'm going to have to time myself! lol

    I'm so loving the no regrowth after dying my hair brown as well! It will be four months on the 24th without going to the salon--- AMAZING!! I can spend my money elsewhere! lol

  7. Loved this post! It is def. not as easy as it looks is it! lovT


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