Colour Theory #3: The survivor's guide to Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow (also known as "baby-runny-poos" around here) is not everyone's favourite colour. Especially when it is slightly greenish. We recently bought a $10 tufted sofa in this colour for our new place, and I'm pleased to see how good it can look.

 On the colour wheel, this greenish-yellow is opposite purpley-pinks, which is why fuchsia looks so good with it. Pale pink is a winner too. A more classic combo for yellow is, of course, blue. I just find the white + wood + pinks is funkier and more... fresh.

I didn't always love yellow, especially not the 'baby-runny-poos' kind, but now I can't wait to experiment with it!

Are you a fan??

Picture sources:
1. Design Manifest via Pinterest
2. Isabella and Max Rooms via Pinterest
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  1. I'm learning to love this mustard color! :) I wanna see a pic of your $10 sofa!!

  2. I LOVE mustard yellow, and I'm super jealous of your $10 couch. Trust me, once you start, you won't be able to get enough of it!

  3. Love the sofa;)
    Thank you for your lovely comment;)

  4. Hi Amy thanks for popping by! YOur blog is gorgeous and I can't believe you have a post on MUSTARD. This happens to be my new fav colour. I am looking at buying a macraeme pot plant holder in mustard. I was going to go with white but I need a pop and I love this colour. I love your couch-even more that it is second hand and cost $10. I think we will be great friends!!!, Belinda

  5. I think mustard can look great in the right space as long as it's kept super fresh! Love it with fuschia too! Love to see the sofa - $10? Bargain!! xo Kirsty

  6. Lovely post, great colours!

    Laura xo

  7. I'm a huge yellow fan, especially teamed with fuchsia. I hope you put a photo of your sofa up sometime. Pic 3 is very cool. xxx

  8. definitely beautiful! i love wearing it as well :)

  9. Amy i love your blog..Lovely and inspiring posts!!
    I m already your follower..Hope you follow me back:)xx


  10. Very pretty living spaces! Love the first and last one.


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