Ella-isms vol 4

I know these posts don't serve as much except a memory for me and entertainment for grandparents, but here are some recent Ella-isms.

"Mum can you draw a big volcano, and some skeletons and persons in the lava? Not me or you or daddy or Josh.... just some Australian people."

Calum: And then the shell sucks in the nutrients from the water and poos it out from it's bum.
Ella: Oh daddy. You are a silly man. 

Getting into the car one morning after Calum had driven it the night before "I can smell Daddy's dog-farts."

Ella talking to me about Calum "He calls himself a big daddy bear... because on his chest he has fur."

Asked loudly in Kmart while I'm browsing the shelves: "Mummy, when I grow up to be a farmer, what will you be? A shopping lady?"

"What about we make lots of necklaces for everyone in the whole world for Christmas Day. Maybe on Friday? Or Tuesday?"

"Daddy needs to go and get his hair cut because it will fill up the whole house."

Grandpa: That's my beard. Does your daddy have a beard?
Ella: No, my daddy has stubble.

Me: oh my goodness there are so many crumbs! How did you do that?
Ella: I was eating, and then some crumbs came along. 

Suddenly while playing with her toy cake mixer "Mum, I love this decision!"

Me: Get ready so we can go
Ella: But MUM! I need to do my incredible things.

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