Summeriest Summer + Airbnb

I've been having the nicest break from blogging, social media, and basically being in the vicinity of a computer lately and it's been good for the soul / creativity / energy / mental state / my kid's behaviour (!).

But today we stepped away from our home to host our first Airbnb tenants this week. I didn't expect it to get booked out so quickly (it's just suburban Wellington!) and for the past 2 weeks I've done nothing but clean inside drawers, haul piles of clothing downstairs, move couches, vacuum underneath things that would never normally be vacuumed under, and more. Getting a family home into a guest-ready location with 2 small children at the end of a year that will go down in history as one of the most challenging in our lives, has been intense. And so good!

When we moved in here I was morbidly sick (pregnant with Ella) and nothing got purged or organised the way I normally would. This was actually our home's first true spring clean where everything got clean ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Previously something I only fantasised about.

Anyway, seeing as my life is usually cluttered with piles of mess and screaming children, I finally have some photos now that allow you to actually see the rooms. 😁

Not our normal bedding, but we set the trundler bed up for guests.

Our brown on brown on brown 70's kitchen is at least organised now...
 The archways that my husband salivates about destroying (tall man problems):

Our couches are custom made to be ginormous which makes the lounge look quite small in photos... it's actually really spacious. Some things just don't translate onto screens.

Archways and brown/cream everything.

After 4 years we bought some basic dining chairs from kmart. We just needed something until we can one day upholster our other ones.

That one time there weren't clothes strung all along the bannister:

Can't wait to one day renovate...

Those Hemnes IKEA drawers have changed my life - we had nothing there for 3 years.

That was our house - the good bad and 70s!

Meanwhile it's been so abnormally hot and summery in Wellington that we've been spending pretty much all our time here:

... and here..

And here because casually hanging with llamas is our idea of a good time.

It's the 1st of December today. We've almost survived 2017. PHEW.


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