Ella-isms vol 2

"I LOVE my sister!" - looking at 6 month old Josh.

On the topic of mountain climbing: "Mummy can't come because she will slip. She slips all the time."

When her 6 year old cousin says "Hmm... how do we stick these bits together..." whilst playing lego. Ella: We just need to get a gluestick, my darling.

Ella: But we just need another baby. An older one. Because its impossible we don't have another baby!
Me: An older one? What would we call it?
Ella: Roast beef.

Whilst eating: "Oh! That went down the wrong way - into my leg I think." 

On the topic of Josh being in my tummy 6 months ago: "And Jesus made him... and he was in your tummy. Did you ate him?"

Looking through my hair randomly: "I'm just looking for blood in here.... oh! I hear some blood talking inside your head."

 Thoughtfully, whilst watching us debate moves during a game of Rummikub "I've got an idea.... we put them all on the floor and do somefing else."

 "Oh I love you SO MUCH!" to an 8 yr old boy she just played with for the first time, whilst bear hugging him.

"Would you look at this mess?!" observing a thin layer of dust on a water storage canister.


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