This post has no pictures. (And not many words, either)

Ah, the weekend is (almost) upon us!

I love this weekly blogging thang but I have to say, I'm not feeling very inspiring at the moment, it's been one of those days weeks months YEARS.

This week I've made 2 batches of failed marshmallow in would-have-been-delicious flavours that the universe is apparently not ready for yet seeing as I can't even follow my own recipe right now.

I've been booking appointments to try to help my little guy's feeding and trying not to get my hopes up whilst remaining hopeful.

My bub turned FIVE MONTHS old which is baffling to me. I know some kids who were 5 months old recently and they seemed so old. Unlike Josh who is absolutely my little newborn. My lil newborn who has just started eating pumpkin and kumara...

We have a mid-winter Christmas dinner this weekend which I'm excited about as it's frigid in these parts and I feel like Christmas really should be right now, every year. Bring on the July Christmasses for all Southern Hemi folks, I say.

I can't even tack in an obligatory picture here because both my phone and computer are in limbo being fixed or transferred or borrowed I mean I can't even INSTAGRAM right now I'm not having withdrawals or anything GNNNNGGGGNNNNN but who even cares anymore, my 'newborn' is screaming and I have failed marshmallow to eat work to do.

See you next week for a hopefully much less boring blog post???! How fun am I? So fun, so fun.


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