Excuse this post being late. I've been too busy kissing my baby's head and reasoning with my toddler that she is actually not old enough to go to school yet, and, I'm currently on the bed in the 'side-lying' breastfeeding position in the dark with a sleeping baby attached to me where I've basically been all week, which makes typing very awkward... my neckkkk

In other news.

1. This outfit she donned this morning.
The socks because "Lellow is my best favourite. Dese are a little bit dirty tho..." 
The headband because "I'm a piwate."
The rain poncho because "I'm a hewo. And I like to get freezed." (She's always prepared to get outside, ensuing polar blast or not.)

The undies because girlfren' doesn't follow rules. The sandals (on wrong feet) because anyone's guess.

2. The light in the nursery on a sunny day makes it the happiest room in the house.

 3. Polar blasts and earthquakes aside, our city is sweet and we get outside every sunny weekend. A.k.a twice per year. Just kidding...
At least 5 times.

4. Overheard her saying to him:
"Josh, I'm always here. I'm always protect you."

5. Things I'm attempting to make so my brain doesn't die in a vortex of stress, sleep deprivation and attempts to feed my feeding-averse baby:
Bandana dribble bibs, and a cot duvet cover. Will report back if/when these are status complete. ;)

Enjoy your weekend!


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