Life lately

A little update on life with our two kids!

Crazy town.

I don't know how people do this whole newborn + older child thing several times over. There was a moment today while I was unloading the dishwasher, rocking the baby on the kitchen floor with one foot and trying to stop my preschooler from wiping her snotty nose on his blanket without having a world-ending tantrum, in the middle of my messy kitchen, whilst we were at home because we missed our dentist appointment because we didn't have car keys because my husband took them to work accidentally, even tho we all got dressed especially and by 'we' got dressed I mean I physically put non-peed-on clothes on every member of our family that I thought: THIS IS MY LIFE NOW.

[When he had slightly more hair a couple weeks ago]
I've become one of those parent people. You know, who can't finish a sentence without being interrupted, deals with other human's bodily fluids on the daily and knows more about the signs and symptoms of infant acid reflux than whatever is actually going on in the world. (What IS going on in the world??? Oh wait, I forgot I don't care. No. Mental. Space).

My previously-immaculately-dressed daughter has developed an uncanny knack for wearing her pants backwards and placing too-small shorts over top of correctly-sized jeans, resulting in the world's epic-est wedgies, which she brazenly claims are perfectly comfortable even when they clearly are not.

And I'm the parent who defeatedly leaves the house with said pre-schooler wearing some cray cray outfit because, like before, don't care.

We went to church the week after Josh was born and I remember snickering to myself because I'd normally have a cute outfit on Ella but on this particular day she was not even wearing shoes, and her t-shirt was speckled in toothpaste.

And then there was that time on a freezing, blustery wellington day that was blowing a gale and she stripped off totally starkers in front of the midwife who was visiting us, and before I could stop her ran out onto the deck and dived gleefully into the frigid paddling pool that was left there from a much sunnier day. I couldn't convince her to come out so she had an icy swim in full naked view of the health professional sitting in our lounge. #parentoftheyear. Just post me my medal.

Classic Ella conversation spoken loudly from any public toilet:
"Um, I not finished yet. I got two more BITS coming."
"Are your doing poo? Is it coming out? Can I see???"

Other fun one liners from her:

"I want to wear ALL da undies!!!" with glee when I try to convince her to wear only one pair at a time.

"I CANT SEE MY EYES!!" with horror from backseat of car.

Bringing me one of her many letters where she writes fake words "Here you go my little darling!"

About a game she had played the day before: "I not played dis in a long time. It was weeks ago. I just can't even bememmer it."

My life:
It looks all very serene in a cute photo doesn't it?

It's not. It's hard. SO hard. But there is also a distinct peace here.

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  1. it gets easier. around 6 months the hectic frenzy truly becomes "normal" and it's all ok.


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