Nesting, Resting.

Things that have been happening!
I haven't felt like nesting throught this pregnancy - similar to my last one - until right now. And suddenly I have to have everything DONE before this baby comes in errr about 2.5 weeks?!

I'm sure I've harped on enough about our drawer (and total lack-of) situation so when I discovered a parallel importer of IKEA furniture into New Zealand I'm jumped on and then spent the next 6 months deliberating over whether to purchase drawers that I have never seen in real life, from an online store called "AKIA". Sounds reputable, right??

Our room
In the end the literal piles of clothing on our bedroom floor, stair banister, and every other hangable surface just overwhelmed me too much and Calum agreed we should get drawers. You know, because it's been 3 years.

We got the Hemnes 6 drawer set for our bedroom and even tho it took almost an entire rare-sunny Saturday to assemble which my husband took about 24 hours to forgive me for, we now all agree it was worth it. You should have seen his face when I showed him his drawer for allllllllll the tshirts and shorts that were previously kept in a pile by his bed and in other rooms. *Christmas*.

I have a bit of a nesting bucket list this stage, and currently the next item is to add our huge mirror above these drawers and move that bag hook somewhere else. There is currently nowhere for a full-length mirror but maybe one day when/if we ever redo our wardrobe doors, we could get mirrored ones as that would solve that issue.

Dining room
Another item on my Nesting list was to get this hung above the dining table. It's a print of an oil painting from Otago and we both love the landscape there. It's actually quite huge tho in this photo the perspective view of our ginormous dining table dwarves it.

(On the One Day list: new dining chairs. We have 3 left in this room and one is completely ripped. The others are even worse and hiding downstairs).

Baby room
Ella transitioned nicely to her big-girl-bed in a different room so the baby room was left as a blank slate. I pulled down all her personal (and pink!) decor type things and started putting together a few bits for baby boy. He's not actually going to be sleeping in here for a while so it's more of a place to keep his clothes/blankets/changing gear.

Blogger is affecting the white balance in these photos as it always does... the walls are a bright white, not this dull grey that shoes through all the following pics!

I had been meaning to make a star garland but tooooo much work so I just threaded some felt balls that I already had onto a piece of string to make a really simple hanging for over the cot. We live in earthquake territory so picture frames or anything else on this wall was not an option to me.

We got another 3-drawer Ikea Hemnes drawer set off Trademe and I bought the Skubb organisers from Ikea... they are so good! I feel stunned that I never even used drawers with Ella - no wonder I had random containers of stuff everywhere. Currently I don't even have anything to keep on the changing table shelves.

My sis-in-law made this little quilt for our boy. How cute is it?

This pic was taken on a different day (today) but I just got these baskets on super-sale at The Warehouse and I'm using that hook to hang one for chucking dirty clothes etc into. It's not exactly a full-size laundry hamper but it will be fine for a day's worth of baby clothes/cloths and it's in throwing distance from where I'll be changing him.

The wardrobe is currently just baby-gear storage since his drawers hold all his clothes:

It's not 'set up' but here's my feeding corner for now.

And for an appreciation of how far this room has come... here's how it looked when Ella lived here:
 (Note: I love the knobs on those drawers, but the drawers themselves never got used as they're quite old and topply, and I kept all her clothes on hangers anyway).

Is the baby room "finished"? I don't know - I would like the paint the walls a very light warm grey and I know it's going to change when he actually lives in this room, but I like where it's headed. I do want to get this lamp for nighttime feeds.

Ella's room
So, we moved Ella into this room:
[Lucky kid.............]
... which actually used to be this room, so it could have been worse:

But over the past week I've got it looking like this:

Which is not finished, but a big improvement!
Next on the Nesting list - hang mirror, add this lamp, and get all the junk out from the other side of this room behind the camera. I also bought her a different toy basket so that I could use the one above in the baby's room... but she's not having it. :S

One Day: A headboard and painting the walls Dulux Manorburn Half. (And new carpet for the whole house - I can dream).

Other Nesting news...
We put the cradle/bassinet by my bed last night. It's getting so real.

You can't see a lot of the blanket above but my mum knitted it and it's soooo soft and heavy which is perfect for a little baby.

Still on my Nesting List:

1. Target clutter spots in our house and get them sorted!
2. Clean out bathroom cupboard
3. Clean out fridge and freezers

And a few other things I can't remember right now.
AND trying to get some rest before the big event. Which I'm a little terrified about.

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