Random catch up + things my child says

1. I was meaning to blog about my daughter's birthday a while back but I didn't.
Anyway, it happened. And now we have a 2 yr old!

Aside from the random flower wall (last minute, of course) I also made the cupcakes and ladybug cake which I'll give you a few seconds to marvel over.
 Totally pinterest worthy.

Well, almost. 
 I won't lie - they were delicious and turned out better than I expected!

 2. Things my child says:

9am in the morning after getting up and ready: Where's daddy? Is daddy sleeping?
Me: No, daddy's at work
Ella: oh. POOR Daddy.

At dinner time:
Me: Is that yummy?
Ella: mmmmmm! Mummy been BUSY. Iss dere more meat mummy? It's wike bacorn.

Coming up the stairs from the garage after a morning out, calling out: "Hi Pooh Bear! Hi Sammy Bear! I'm coming!!!!"

Whispering to herself from the other room: Careful Ella... careful Ella... careful FLOWERS!
I walk in the find her carefully plucking every petal from every flower on the dining room table.

Spying a moth in the corner:
Ohhh mummy! Wassat?
Me: A moth.
E: Issat a mosh, mummy?
Me: Yes, it's a moth.
Me: yes...
E: Get. It. Out.
[Writing courtesy of her big cousins:]

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  1. She sounds hilarious haha. Nobody likes a moth ;)

    Charlotte xxx
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