The happs {All the unfinished decor you could ask for}

Want to see a bunch of rooms of our house that are halfway done and that I am tearing my hair out with angst over the clashing colours and failed risks that I took?


1. The bedroom above. I bought the Candy Floss sheeting from collected for super cheap on sale, and a bunch of different coloured pillowcases from the Sheridan outlet store. I had to change the bed today and the clash of the lemony curtains and lime green pillows makes me depressed, as does the fact that the Kas duvet is all in cold colours (in person at least) which brings out the cold colours in the walls, and reminds me that I need to paint them, and makes me angsty that I'm going to make a bad colour choice and be un-enamoured with the result which would be a big fat waste of time. You know??????

 2. The dining room. I got this sample of Hummingbird fabric by Cole & Son and I lurrve it but aside from the thousands of dollars it would cost to have all 8 chairs (only 5 are in the dining room at the mo) covered and have the fabric shipped from America... just ouch. Meanwhile, I forgot to say, I finished something! The peacock painting! I started it before I was pregnant and then after a few months of staring at it while I had Hyperemesis I couldn't stand the sight of it until a month or 2 ago. It's pretty.... BUT (as always) it's not quite right in this room in its current state. I have issues but mainly, the bisque colours walls (complete with 70's wallpaper texture), the hideous window pelmet that they BUILT IN to the ceiling and walls so it's impossible to remove, and more obvious things like the 70's archway to the left, brown curtains, vinyl floors, pointless wall lamp in corner.... etc etc.

 3. I painted this wall black in a corner of our lounge because I was feeling all inspired to do SOMETHING about it and for the first time ever, the circus painting from my childhood looks ok on the wall. I still want to take the black down to the floor but I'm annoyed once again by the window pelmet above and the heater below, which is built into the wall and which I can't paint.
Also, the carpet and the bisquey walls once more.
I also got that new cushion (on couch below) which ties in nicely but will probably never work with florals. And that's an issue for wierdos like me ;)

Speaking of florals, here's the other end of the same couch. I like the hot pink cushion with the floral quilt, it's just a shame that it completely doesn't go with the other end of the couch.


And while we're on the topic of couches, here's the opposite wall with yet another ginormous sofa (actually humongous) with a favourite painting and cheap Ikea cushions. And actually I just realised that I didn't open the curtains for that shot so it's looking pretty dark and not very bright and fresh at all. Believe it or not, the wall the painting is on was recently painted and is significantly lighter than the wall to the left. You can't tell in this photo, oops! My plan was the paint the whole room but Easter happened.

 Back to the black wall corner, something else I actually finished: my 'yarn ball bouquet' which is pretty unimpressive but I am weirdly impressed because I see balloons, rather than balls of wool on kebab skewers.

Anyway, the most incohesive and kind of pointless blog post ever, to show you where things are at right now. Basically, a jumble of colours and uncoordinated decor. It stresses me out and I really need to stop looking at other people's 'perfect' houses on social media or I will die.

I know this house will all come together eventually, but the reality is that it will always be imperfect. So I thought why wait to write a post? Why not show you all the jumble of my thoughts and my home? You're welcome.

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