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I am always changing things in our house and one spur-of-the-moment move was this black wall in a corner of our living room. You saw a little peek of it with a picture hanging on it in this post and now you get to see it as a chalk board. I was never interested in the chalkboard wall trend until I was thinking about ways to write a sort of sign for my daughter's 1st birthday party coming up, and the natural thing to do was take down the picture and draw on this. In true mummy-style I don't have time to style photos so here it is with a big ol smudge.

Here's how it fits into the room, with the new hot pink and patterned cushions. 
I could get really honest here and say 'Boy am I glad we didn't get new carpet because it's been pooed on twice in the past week!" but don't want to traumatise you next time you come over. #nappyrashfromhell

I also had my birthday last week so I am offiicially 29.... eeek in my head I stopped counting at 22 so it's always a surprise to be closer to 30. I got thoroughly spoilt this year with a half-day with my husband hanging around town, shopping, restaurants... doing normal things without rushing home for naptime, almost like before we had a baby. Amazing. On top of that I got some sweet gifts! One of which was...

This espresso maker from my family. I'm not the world's biggest coffee drinker but I love the ritual of catching up with someone at a cafe, and I felt like being able to make a latte at home would be so great to do when people come over. I was going to then buy some proper coffee glasses (those double-walled glass ones that are so styley!) but realised I have a kitchen full of teacups that NEVER get used and look so dainty with coffee in them. Now if I could just learn to make the patterns in the milk froth on top... (it's complicated).

Another gift that I just love was this duvet cover from my husband. It perfectly ties in with the headboard and brightens up the room. The floral pattern is on an almost-white background that is still creamy enough to have warm tones - exactly what I wanted. I'm happy.
Not quite the perfect match with the curtains but let's just ignore that..

And lastly, I put my peacock painting on another wall and hung this simple poster I made instead. I orginally wanted to add 2 more so there is a set of 3 hanging across this wall (because obviously the scale is all wrong with our huge dining table) but I'm going through a phase of simplifying at the moment - so I'm more keen to purge our excess belongings than add new ones, just yet!

Speaking of which, I have a literal hallway-full of cushions that I'm getting rid of, and tonnes of cheap photo frames. It's amazing what we accumulate!

What you don't see: these curtains smell of fish because I cooked fish the other night and obviously the smell wafted over and got absorbed by the curtain fabric... I couldn't believe I could still smell it 2 days later and tracked it down to the curtain fabric. Gross. That's why I'm always paranoid to cook fish - stinky.

That's all for now... I'm off to do 'all-the-things' while my baby naps and then hopefully enjoy a latte or flat white with my little bro. woop

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