Home these days

A quick little post with a peek of our abode. And by abode I mean couch, I.E the place where I now live day in day out with a baby on the boob.

I attempted to add some kind of intentional colour to this room recently - which meant literally going downstairs and opening up my massive cushion stash then throwing anything with the colour pink in it onto the couch.

I just feel like pink these days, you know?

{Toy box + bouncinette won't be going anywhere anytime soon}

The husband picked these baby-pink camellias off our camellia bush the other day. They are so pretty.

Here's my breastfeeding den - note the quilt which serves a very functional purpose with my pooping, milk dribbling, peeing little darling.

{Does the pink cushion really go with the quilt? Perhaps not. But... pink!}
 This room gets a whole tonne of sunlight which I love and makes long hours here feel so much nicer. I just sit on that quilt and dream about putting artwork over the couch and getting built-in shelving for the tv wall (not pictured because it's pretty lame) that could also hold all our books! Which are currently filling the office.

This is by no means a "Here's our living room decorated!" post because it's not... but I'm pretty happy with this progress for now.

Not shown: the basket hidden behind the couch which contents including but not limited to: breast pump ("the milking machine"), water bottle (because I'm constantly parched when feeding), towel for kick-time and mid-feed changes, and some spare nappies. Super glam!

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