Before I start, thanks for your congratulations on my shop/business announcement last week!
My blog-friend Michaela from Michaella Noelle Designs featured it on her holiday Gift Guide this week too, because she is awesome. Check it out here :)


Here's another wee announcement that is changing things up bigtime around here....

I'm preggers!

Scary? Hmm yes a bit.
Sick? VERY.
Happy? yep!
Terrified of giving birth in 6 months time? Let's not talk about that.


I have hyperemesis gravidarium and at times the never-ending sickness is kinda traumatising. And yes, this is what I've been sick with for the last few months, that very nearly was the end of this blog because suddenly doing anything except vomiting was not an option. Thank goodness for medication and answered prayers that have enabled me to have moments of normalcy and wellness, and I'm hopeful that it's slowly improving.

I imagined that being pregnant would be kinda cute and that I would be an INSANE nester and awesome nursery-designer. In honesty, nesting and nursery designing is something that will have to wait until I am well enough to enjoy them. At the moment my priority is to stay hydrated and rest.

At 13.5 weeks I don't have much to show for it apart from a stomach that looks like I ate a few too many pies, and I still feel like the same old me (albeit a very sick me).  It's surreal to think I'm actually growing a human, and that that tiny human is only 3 inches long right now, but already can pull faces and has fingerprints! And that it had a beating heart even when it was only the size of a raspberry. It's fascinating, actually, how developed the baby is within the first few weeks. Currently it has all it's organs, can taste food, use it's digestive system, move around, and hear sounds. Amazing.


  1. Congratulations! What an exciting time for you guys!

  2. yay! so excited for you! i can't wait to follow along in your pregnancy! also - some of the best advice i got was to really look forward to delivery day! it is such an amazing experience and you get to meet your baby. yes, very intimidating, but also a day that you will replay over and over and over again once it's over. you and your baby will do great! hope you get to feeling better soon :)

  3. Congratulations!! That's such an exciting time, minus the sickness. Hope you feel better soon:)


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