Ella-isms Vol 3

Life is crazy these days but I thought I'd take a minute to record some of the things my 3-yr old says!
She is so much fun and getting more chatty by the minute. She's recently started making her own bed (un-asked) rinsing her dishes and loading the dishwasher (un-asked!) and asking "can I be your helper?" whenever I am doing some kind of chores. I'm making the most of the novelty before she gets over it. She is also super into her stuffed toys and doll, and is constantly lining them all up to play 'kindy teacher' (she sits on a chair in front of them and calls them up one by one to be sung happy birthday to) or else making birthday parties with her pretend food.

Without further ado. Some pearlers from the little miss:

"I need to go poopoo because I ate too much muffin. Yeah. It went fast down to my butt."

In a decor shop: "EUCH. Mum.... this shop is too yucky."

On her way back from the toilet: "Do you know the cupcakes and the crackers came out of my butt right now?"

Playing doctors with me: "I'm just gonna take your blood pressure and get all the blood out of your heart. Don't move ok? You need to stay there until I'm finished with you."

When Calum was late getting back to the car after our walk up a hill: "Is daddy pooing on the grass?"

"I am a princess. Where are my angel wings and my crown?"

"Oh no, I think the teddies are getting a little bit margerated. They have a little bit of fire up on their head, and a sick coming out their mouf.  I know just what to do with margeraters. You can't give them biscuits - that just makes them more margerated. They can eat ONLY medicine ALL day. That will make them just right better. They need a long story because they will be a-margerated. They can't eat sugar or flour or...or....pavalova! And veggies makes the margerated only more sick."
(Mystery revealed when she later said "Don't take Pooh Bear daddy! He's got a margerain!" And we realised "margerated" = someone with a migraine)

"I heard Joshy waking up and it was HORRIBLE."

"Mummy, can you please hold Joshy forever?" when he was crawling around grabbing her toys.

When I gave her a tiny speckled chocolate egg: "Mum, this is the specialist day dat I ever seen!"

Singing "You are my precious dolly and I don't want anyone to breeeeak ya... coz you are my precious dolly of the woooorld"


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