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If I'm being perfectly honest I have felt head-underwater for the past 5 and a half months with this delectable little soul.
Allow me to grace you with a gratuitous selfie featuring: co-ordination with each other AND with my iron.

Rebellious eyebrows included. Or "eye-brellas" depending who you are talking to around here.

We've had some miserable weather and on this day I convinced Ella that reading her library book would be really exciting if we made a nest. I can pretty much convince her to do anything by using the words 'special nest'. Ah, 3 year olds. She lay down here and said "Mum....? You can bring me some icecream if you like."
Well played, miss diplomacy '17.

Speaking of bringing food to people.... the other day I walked past the couch where Ella was setting up for a game of doctors I presume and she said "Um, Doctor Mummy?? You forgot to, um, bring me some food." And then THIS conversation happened which cracked me up because clearly this is her memory of pregnancy with me. You know, because all I did was lie on the couch and eat chips. But truly - Bluebird Ready Salted + Salt & Vinegar potato chips saved my life many a time.

It has been nearly 6 months with Josh, and I'm in complete denial because there is NO STINKING WAY that an entire half-year has slid by without me really doing anything except surviving and keeping my children alive, and fairly happy but emphasis on surviving. The other night I took a video of Ella making Josh laugh by blowing fart sounds when I had achieved pretty much nothing else that day and I suddenly realised that these giggly fart-loving offspring are what I have created. Six months of my literal blood, sweat, tears, milk and hopefully no other bodily fluids tho I've probably missed something have created this sibling set of little stinkers whom am I all too pleased to call my own. And that's what I've done for 6 months. (Plus the 9 months before that.) Which is over a year of, well, sacrifice. I don't think you really get sacrifice until you do this parenting gig. Like, I may have saggy boobs for the rest of my life. YOU KNOW??????!!!! 

We've been doing other stuff too, but to be honest my brain has been a whirlwind of how to fix my baby's breastfeeding issues for um about 5 months now and I'm only just (hello formula) starting to feel like we may be coming out of the woodwork. I'm lucky to have possibly the happiest baby alive as my child - like tonight he sat by himself in the bouncinette giggling and chatting for a good 10-15 minutes. The exception would be when it comes to feeding - but that's an intricate story for another day to add to my own personal breast-(or-not)-feeding  wall of fame (have you been reading here for long enough to remember Ella's story?). 

Welp, I have a coughing spluttering preschooler who can't sleep and a crying baby who apparently isn't asleep either to deal to.



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  1. Reading this brought so many smiles to my face! I love the little diplomatic comment about ice cream ��



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