Little household hacks I need

A boring blog post about things I wish didn't excite me so much but could seriously make my housewife life way more efficient.

1. This divided laundry basket for carrying clean clothes after they are dry. We use a basket like the plastic one shown, but that secret fabric divider thing is genius! Instead of biffing all of your clean washing into the basket, carrying it upstairs, dumping it on the couch, folding a bajillion items of clothing into piles to go to different people's rooms.... you just fold as you take off the washing line and plonk each person's clothes into their section. I just wish it divided into 3 equal parts (or that the divider was moveable).
It has other functions too and was designed by a mum, like every other sensible thing that was ever designed. (OK I'm speculating). See more about it here.

2. A dirty-clothes hamper in each bedroom.
We have one single laundry hamper upstairs in the hallway that we all hurl our dirty clothes in the direction of, and usually miss. When people are coming round I spend about 5 minutes frantically picking socks and t-shirts off the surrounding floor in a 5 metre radius and then putting the lid on the hamper to hide our stinky mess. To be honest, the bending down and picking up routine is what I hate the most. At 6 months pregnant I find every time I bend over - apart from mere squished-belly discomfort - I end up sicking up stomach contents into my mouth. GOOD TIMES.

Part of me rebels against this idea because I'm like "MORE belongings???????!" but all I would have to do is add a basket to Ella's room, and another for the new baby when he comes.
Not this boring colour, but maybe something like this (from The Warehouse) with handles so I can hang it on a hook by their door and not sick into my mouth from bending down to pick it up?

 3. A triple laundry sorter in the laundry
So you get the dirty clothes baskets from the bedrooms, carry them down to the laundry and then, instead of dumping the contents onto the floor (like me) to sort them into piles, you actually sort them straight into this contraption and then they're all ready to go. And you don't have to sick into your mouth while you do it. Win.
Laundry Sorter with 3 Removable Bags
This is from Kmart Australia. I wonder if they have them in NZ? And will they ever start listing their products online, or is New Zealand destined to go without decent online shopping for all eternity?

4. A rubbish bin in our bathroom. 
Sounds obvious, but empty toothpaste tubes etc just end up lingering forEVS in our house because everyone is too lazy to take them into another room and throw them away. And that's just another clean-up job to add to my list every time guests are popping in.

5. Some kind of paperwork system
We've shifted 90% of our files to the cloud recently so the whole "file this into a manilla folder and call it a day" isn't happening. We don't even need (or have) a filing cabinet anymore. But we have a dining room table... covered in piles of things that need to be dealt with constantly. And it's crap, because I would like to use the table for eating at, and be able to wipe up crumbs without dissolving documents.
Related image
Something like this on the wall? Since we have NO free surface areas. I just need to find where they can be purchased in New Zealand?!

6. Get this system for wrapping paper, on the back of a wardrobe door
All our wardrobe doors are sliding ones but there is ONE door in our house where this might work.
Currently we have a corner of a wardrobe where wrapping paper and gift bags go to die / get crumpled up and buried under shoes until needed.
Image result for wrapping paper on back of door
I vant it. All.

7. Training the toddler to stop biffing everything on the floor the instant she's not using it. 
I CAN follow her around barking repetitively about every single thing that she just dropped the second she was bored of it, but if you have a toddler you know how painfully slow that process is. Urg.

8. Get a housekeeper :D
Now, I'm not fussy, but I just want someone who can clean every single corner of our home once a week and also organise all the crap they find and also put away every stray item of clothing into it's correct place and perhaps do a few loads of laundry and cook dinner while they create a meal plan for the following week and arrange for delivery of our grocery shopping and mow our treacherous lawn/s. And not be creepy or nosy. Shouldn't be hard to find the perfect person, I'm sure. #budgetistwentybuckspermonth #goodlucktome

Image result for mrs doubtfire
You'll do.

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