Ways that life has been awesome (aka the last few months)

Ready for lots of pictures?

I never did a blog post about Christmas or any of that, but we we had a goody and kept things simple with gifts by making everything ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean myself. And by simple, I mean incredibly time-consuming and complicated. ;)
But I love it!
Ella's play kitchen could be more finished - I never got the new handles to put on and it could use a new tap... but overall it was a good makeover considering where it started:

Then we went to Aspen, Colorado and Jackson Hole Wyoming on a luxury ski trip, as you do. 'As you do' when your husband happens to work for a company that go overboard with their incentives and spoil everyone rotten that is. I'm so grateful for that time away even tho I missed my little poppet and even tho I barely ski and don't particularly enjoy the cold especially whilst missing out on our long-awaited Summer in New Zealand. Is it sad that the highlight for me was the hotels? I LOVE hotels and I loved the cosy winter style at the St Regis.
Looks very brown in this pic... but there was a giant marble bath tub opening onto the bedroom that could see out onto snowy mountains outside so I was happy.
Very professional selfies..
I tried to tell him to look down and pretend to sweep his hair out of his eyes 'like a blogger' but he wouldn't have it.
America is the only place in the world where we drink filter coffee and we like it. Maybe because the milk over there is not fresh (it's reconstituted from powder I'm pretty sure) but lattes and flat whites don't taste quite the same as in our lovely coffee-snob home of Wellington! But hey, if I'm being served refills by a waiter then I'm not complaining. Although I'm not sure how I feel about tipping... (actually I am sure, and that's that I hate it and I'm so glad we don't do that in NZ. Don't ever do it here. Don't let's ever do it!) 

So much white...
...and sparkles...


... and forests that are filled with only one type of tree as far as you can see.

Loved it.

Loved coming home to my valentine even more.
[JK, her dad bought me those. I was SO surprised because, well, it's not totally normal here]
 ...and her sweet little cutie pie bedroom.

[That needs to have the carpet and wardrobe doors cropped out to be remotely pretty]
 And then I was like, well, I don't think I made enough things before Christmas during all those days/weeks of making things without stopping to eat. Maybe I should make more things?

So I did.

[Don't have proper necklace string. May never have it. Been there done it what's next?]
And then I got mad at our 'office' that has always just been a stockpiling room for mountains of junk and so I biffed all the furniture out the back door (literally, as you can see) and painted the room a kind of off-white that was slightly more agreeable than the last off-white that was in there. Only slightly, because I had to use up what was in the paint buckets in our garage so mixed a few cans together. #poorpeopleproblems
JK, we aren't poor. Normal people do that. I'm pretty sure. Not bloggers - I mean real normal people like us who can't master the "sweep back fake hair" photos for anything. I dream of being a real blogger. You know, wearing stunning outfits that coordinate with the epic street art that I'm getting my "authentic street style that took 4 hours of prep" photo taken in front of whilst my modelesque children look sulky and beautiful beside me. You know? No? Whatevs. No real bloggers here. Just a mama who feels really proud for putting on clothes today - unfit for human eyes or not.

[Progress 1]

[Progress 2]
 Oh did I mention I turned it into a playroom? Actually it's been awesome for keeping Ella entertained for a few minutes longer than when contained to one area of the house.

 Now my little pumpkin pie is getting real mad at me for not getting her out of her cot after her nap so I must run... will edit later... or not

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