Autumn/Winter Bucket list.

I love Autumn. I love the golden sunny days and cold crisp mornings; I love that Easter happens in Autumn (in the Southern Hemisphere); I love the change of seasons; and I get abnormally excited about my birthday in April. And NOW I also have my daughter's birthday to obsessively plan 3 months in advance, too. YAY

Anyway, here are some of my crackalackin' goals to get me through the cold season. But first... things I ticked off my Summer bucket list:

 - I finished the yarn ball wreath Christmas decoration! Just 3 months after Christmas. What can I say, glueing onto polystyrene is a nightmare. I don't even want to look at it anymore.

{5 seconds of fame and down to the basement it goes...}
- The felt donuts and guest bedroom do-over you have already seen. I can't lie, the guest bedroom needs more doing over. Because I'm pedantic like that. And after I bought the lamps and things on a whim (because! They're modern! And boxy blonde wood will never go out of style no matter how tacky. Am I right Ikea?!) and I suppose I'm now doing my classic-Amy ho-hum-don't-know-if-I-like-it-anymore thing. But I think some new pillowcases and such could rectify it and I just got a $10 bargain at Collected so... we shall see!

Onto the Autumn bucket list! Which is kind of overwhelming me in an excellent design freak crafty person way.

1.  Do something about this office. I mean I don't even care what:

{Clearly I do actually care a lot and will be super picky and indecisive over it for the next 6 months}
 2. Finish our bedroom. Because we got this headboard and it's making me really happy! Except when it's making me really unsure if I chose the right colour and I feel like grey is depressing. Which is every second day.
{I'm banking on how pink fixes everything.}{P.S I broke the lamp hanging pictures. Better add lamp-fixing to this list} 

3. A first birthday for my girl. I think this will be a super small and casual affair but that doesn't stop me needing to plan it and put the entire party into a ziplock bag 3 months in advance. Because if I blink I'll miss it so... forward thinking!

4. Watercolour paintings. I shouldn't even go here because I'm still working on an oil painting that has taken about 2 years but... I just feel like Ella needs some watercolour animals in white frames on her bedroom walls and I don't feel like paying $50 per painting. But watch this space because one watery disaster is probably all it will take.

{Susan Windsor deer painting}
5. Yarn-ball bouquet. Don't ask, it's weird. But if I can pull it off I'll show you.

6. Make Ella's room a bit more cool. It's kind of on the right track and much different to how I had it when I was pregnant with her (thankfully!) but I have some ideas! Most of which involve money so excuse me while I go sell my liver.

7. About money. Making it. I've got some ideas for taking on interior design clients in a limited form for some really to-the-point advice about your design problems. It would be perfect for people who want a fresh set of eyes to tell them what would make their room awesome. It would be a one-stop shop and all done online... i.e. it's entirely up to the client if they want to accept the advice or not and I will never know if they take my recommendations or not. I just want to help people make their rooms pretty! But I don't want the tedious back-and-forth and paying-by-the-hour and constant revisions that makes this stuff so difficult for the average person. Thoughts?

Wow I thought I had another hour in the nap bag but now the howling wind wakes the babe up. I have 30 seconds to straighten my hair, do all the dishes from the weekend (it's Tuesday..) and get ready to run all the errands one could wish to run. Typing so fast right now.

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