Holiday recap and points of note...

Let's work backwards because my photos are in that order and who has time/patience to drag photos around in blogger? 


1. I jumped a really ridiculously SMALL jump and my husband took it on a low angle to make me look 10x more athletic than I actually am. I trained him well...
[Beach walk at Karioitahi where we attended a wedding a few days ago]

2. My baby matched my colour scheme for said wedding. I'll never get sick of making sure we are matchy matchy and then denying it and saying it was an accident.

[Also, this girl is pretty much crawling and she can move way faster than is practical for her slow mama. And she has become freakishly sociable the last few weeks. So good.]
 3. Before that, we redid our guest room and had guests sleep here on Christmas night. It still has a few touches waiting so I may or may not blog about it before then, but here's one side. The wall is a pale aqua-mint, not that it shows in photos very well!

4. And even before that... I attempted to make a yarn-ball wreath. Glue the balls on and it couldn't be easier you might think, but I ran into a few hiccups and it still has bald patches that I disguised/avoided for this photo.

5. Also there was Christmas! My favourite. I was SO pumped about it and was dreading it being over but then as soon as it was done - so relieved. There is a lot of stress that goes into something so enjoyable - it's weird! On Christmas day we spent time with both sides of our family and packed in lots of great food and tennis playing (by which I mean smacking balls around and/or looking like you are doing something other than standing on the side lines doing nothing) and presents. Christmas with a baby was fun - we didn't go nuts buying presents for a 6 month old but I kept forgetting that everyone else bought her things and I got to open them! If you know me then you know that present-opening is my favouritist.
[Our first actual Christmas tree that's not plastic! It was quite beautiful aside from the droopiness and husbands allergic face-swelling reaction.]

For other titbits of my private life that you probably don't care instagram.That's where the magic happens these days. Am I right, bloggers?

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