A little update + the best trip ever in the most beautiful town in the most beautiful country

So we hung out here last weekend...
[Our view of Lake Wakatipu from the Crown Range. iPhone photos for the win!]
We had planned a ski trip with some family members from the South Island before Ella was even born, but actually getting there and surviving the 1.5 hour flight with our 3 month old baby was kind of amazing. After all the feeding issues we've been going through, it felt like the most needed holiday ever, and boy did it deliver.

[Golden hour by the lake in Wanaka]
I thought going on holiday with this little poppet would be stressful and not really feel like a holiday, but it did and everything was amazing. 

From the Spring skiing at Cardrona... (best learner slopes EVER and so user friendly + zero queues):
[Cardrona Ski field, looking out over the Remarkables mountain range with not another soul in sight]
...to the family time with just the 3 of us...
[Picnic by the lake in Wanaka]
 ...and the adventures that we went on by just following our noses and driving through fords and along back country roads...
Matukituki River
[My loves discovering the Matukituki river on an accidental adventure... Don't mind the cow!]
... everything was perfect. The skies were blue and sunny every day and the poppet was completely cool almost all the time. I mean she was just a happy little bundle of love and cuddles. Never mind that since we returned home she has been a bit crazy at times... (teething already??).

We also ate so much good good gooooood food and ate our last meal at Botswana Butchery which is nothing like what it sounds and only the fanciest fancy pants restaurant ever. Obviously we brought the standard down a little bit by sitting at the candlelit table mixing up bottles of milk for our little bean sprout who was hanging out in the carseat by our feet.

I thought writing this post as a reminder of the awesome time we had and what a sweet sweet blessing the trip was would be a good idea. I'm so thankful for this trip. I know it's a cliche but... it was good for the soul! The totally drained and emotionally exhausted mamma-soul, that is.

(If you are wondering how life is going in crazy town (aka breastfeeding-ville) as per my last post... it's going ok :) Noone can prepare you for the trauma of attempting to breastfeed a tongue-tied baby for 3 months. But without going into a whole nother topic filled with boobie-jargon, let's just say we are doing the best we can and I'm allowing myself to be ok with bottle feeding.)

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