Backyard before and after

I've never really shown pictures of our garden/backyard on this blog because in all honesty it's just a little plot that spent most of the year doing nothing except housing our rubbish bin and looking muddy.

I wish I had a better before picture of this, but you'll just have to trust me that we had no idea there were concrete pavers underneath the grass until a friend pointed it out, and a good water-blasting revealed this patio that we never knew we had:

{before this it was all covered with dirt and grass}
When Summer came we borrowed an old outdoor dining set from my parents, and my husband was gifted the wooden seat by his parents.

I did get all the weeds out of the pavers.... but then they grew back. ;)

To the left of this picture would be a shed and clothesline, and a big rubbish bin lives on the other side of the bench, but I aimed these shots to avoid that, of course!

outdoor wooden bench with colourful pillows by Amy MacLeod

Since I have a zillion un-used cushions I put these out on the bench temporarily.

We also just got gifted an old BBQ... it's very old and a bit rusty but it works for us.

Summer is coming to an end in New Zealand so I hope we get a chance to use it.
We've been planning to have guests around for months but it feels like we've hardly been home lately.

outdoor wooden bench with colourful pillows by Amy MacLeod

That's it, a little update on our backyard. 

Trust me, the rubbish bins, clothesline, hose, and more weeds all make it look a little more shabby in real life than how it appears in the pictures. But hey, what are blogs for.

We're just happy to have a bright and useable space!


  1. Ok so funny that you didn't know you had pavers underneath! What a fun surprise. I know that would motivate me to decorate the yard. Looks like the perfect amount of space.

  2. Ha, too funny that you never knew the patio existed. The perfect little spruce up.


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!